Ultra Modern Italian Bathroom Design

Ultra Modern Italian Bathroom Design

Bathtubs, basins and bathroom vanity units come in all manner of shapes, sizes and finishes so its not often that a design truly takes us by surprise. However, this array of modern bathroom furniture, by italian bathroom design company Toscoquattro, really does push the envelope.

This block walnut vanity unit with integrated basin keeps a contemporary scheme looking streamlined. The wall mounted faucet takes the form of a neat glass shelf, complete with a place for a small floral display.

A similar white design appears as a simple console shelf when viewed head-on.

This cube vanity-basin combination provides a unique opportunity for central room placement, creating a bathroom island that is facilitated by a chrome stand tap.

The cube formation can be set against a wall, with a top mounted tap, when space is limited.

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Looking to spice up your own bathroom? If you have a small sized room, accessories are a great way by which you can add extra-interest. Do check out these unique faucets, soap dispensers, sinks and toilet paper holders that could add some flair to your bathroom.

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