Unique Transformer Apartment Concept

Unique Transformer Apartment Concept

Vlad Mishin's 'Transformer Apartment' at 60 square meters (646 sq ft), is by no means the smallest apartment ever featured by Home Designing, but it may just be among the smartest. The one bedroom space is arranged either side of a living wall, a wall that moves, disappears, reappears and allows the space to breathe. It conceals a white recessed kitchen with minimal stainless steel fixtures and sizable sink, and reveals an in-built entertainment area complete with flat screen television and multimedia storage, which can be viewed from either the open plan kitchen, living and dining or the bedroom thanks to its ability to fully rotate on its axis.

The warping, buckled aesthetic of the wall builds on the drama created by its opaque metal frame contrasted with the raw, organic nature of the plywood. The topography of its surface with its sharp angles, bends and trenches serves to aid the natural definition of functionally competitive areas within the greater space.

The bed nook, complete with storage is built into the space and takes its cues from the living area with its blue accented white and yellow palette, and to a lesser extent, influences the subtle styling of the workspace. Advertisement

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